Eunuchs Rights Views Exchange Event Lights

Eunuchs Rights Views Exchange Event Lights

Date: June 05,2016

Poverty Elimination Organization-PEO

Porabaree Bazar, IPSA, Gazipur-1706, Bangladesh

Phone:+88-2-9205812, Fax:+88-2-9205622,

Poverty Elimination Organization-PEO is a non-political, non-profitable, voluntary, non-government organization. It is established in 1993 and located at Porabaree Bazar in the district of Gazipur, which is nearest of the capital city Dhaka.
The organization has been working diligently for the hard core poor who are by passed by the Govt. or NGO development intervention. The goal of this organization is a society where people can live in harmony with nature and enjoy a fruitful and abundant life. In addition it is working for improving human capital of the socially, economically and culturally vulnerable communities to access institutional resources and realize their quality of life aspirations.
The organization has been trying to identify the local people’s common problem which they are facing since decades.

The organizations find out the following issues that affect the sector like lack of access to institutional resources, lack of awareness about their citizen rights of the country, lack of education and lack of bargaining power.
Removing this above problem this organization have taken some long-term program objectives like a) Human Capital Improvement through critical awareness raising and through Basic literacy and functional education, B) Promotion of knowledge, attitude and practice, C) Income and employment creation through alternative credit.
Among various other capacity building initiatives PEO regularly organize Experience Sharing Meeting (ESMs), Round Table Conference (RTC) and village based non formal educations through which people getting proper idea about local resource mobilization, Good governance and transparency.
Among challenges which confront our people now, poverty alleviation to be one of the list. So we appreciate receiving co-operation and support of our valued members and organization.
The PEO is registered by the Department of Social Services Ga-0284, Enlisted with Department of Youth Development no- Bang- 337, Ga- 48, Sador-09. The PEO is member of National-International Networks also.

Eunuch Rights and Rehabilitation:

(Advocacy for the rights of the eunuchs and their rehabilitation)

Eunuchs or the hermaphrodites are group of people because of their gender confusion; these people live a life of the out caste. They were being deprived of the normal rights of an ordinary citizen in the country as a result of which, the rate of literacy is least among the eunuchs. They are discriminated in using public transports; do not get access to public transports community services and Medicare services easy. They are being scorned as bringer of ill women. PEO found that eunuchs are a category of people who perfectly fit the definition of Hard core poor as has been created by big NGOs in Bangladesh. The eunuchs are a by passed community living on the fringe of the society. There is no reliable survey as to the number of eunuchs in the country. However, it is assumed that a large number of people are there who are living a pitiable existence because of this freak of nature. In the absence of state protection and recognition of their rights, many of the eunuchs get trapped by various vice gangs ( cross country ) and compel them to commit various crimes. PEO can claim that, it is the only first organization which has focused on the poverty, vulnerability and discrimination issue of the eunuchs first in Bangladesh.
The eunuch has been born into the society by their parents. They did not come from sky or waive or water or dug who bringing all human components in body and only they have not sexual well tools due to misshape of X/Y chromosome. They don’t have familial equal rights, social dignity, political- religious priority, medical special care and living below the standards of livelihood. To remove their hunger they depend on begging, acts like sex worker. To mitigate sex charm does anal sex, oral sex and homo sex whatever prohibited religiously and by the government. If such type of case arises into the court, certainly they will have to get jail.
During the last 12 years it had arranged seminars on their rights issues. Currently PEO had given training to the eunuchs with leadership potential. These trained persons are in turn motivating and sensitizing other eunuchs for holding of a Grand National conference in near future to promote their rights.
Sharing meeting with local civil society members: PEO had arranged several meetings with the local civil society members comprising of imams, teachers, govt. officials, drivers, singer, dancer, laborer etc.
The PEO written poetry and focused at the newspaper & Facebook also to aware the intellectual and display song through its singer group to aware much people. So, day by day cordiality is growing up to society about the eunuch community.
The PEO could focus such this issues and the Government of Bangladesh has taken a program for them and rendering some activities also. It is one of the PEO’s achievements.
The PEO works for:

  • 1.Attaining citizen rights of the eunuch and lady boy

  • 2.Education & Skill of eunuch to employment and empowerment

  • 3.Medical facility for health of the eunuch & to get priority as they are sexual disable

  • 4.Social dignity of the eunuch & to rehabilitation into the society.

To support to reach our goal the PEO arranged Views exchange and cultural program at Porabaree Shah Sufi Fasi Uddin Mazar Shade on 05 June, 2016 Afternoon with the Governmen officials, public representative, other categorized leader, singer and eunuch also. Our pleasure that the Counselor of Gazipur City Corporation (Seat 23, 24 &25) Advocate Anjumonowara Begum has been inaugurated this event and Mr. MD Zakir Hossain presided that.

PEO staff Salma Akter, Asma Akter Shathi, Fatema Akter Sraboni, Boul Abed , Yeasin & Mr MD Zakir Hossain Sung there; Tofazzol Hossain, Rajib, Dulal, Syful & Kashem Miah conducted Music and sound.
The event has been held with financial support from PEO, Atiar Rahman Jaju, MD, AR group, Shree Sanjit Shaha and public audience.

The cultural event has been held with financial support from PEO, associates and audience .

We would have the pleasure to receive your comments and assistance.

With thanks and regards
Md. Zakir Hossain
Poverty Elimination Organization-PEO
Porabaree Bazar, IPSA
Gazipur-1706, Bangladesh
Phone: +88029205812, Cell: +8801917378717
Email: , Web:
Poverty Elimination Organization

Poverty Elimination Organization-PEO is a non-political, non-profitable, voluntary, non-government organization. It is established in 1993 and located at .




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Poverty Elimination Organization-PEO is a non-political, non-profitable, voluntary, non-government organization. It is established in 1993 and located at Porabaree Bazar in the district of Gazipur, which is nearest of the capital city Dhaka...

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